Pillow is your best friend at night

Every day, after a hard-working day, you come home, lay down on your bed, and your soft and comfy pads help you to have a relaxing sleep. To reach a certain high quality as now, everything made up a pillow such as design, filler, function has changed and developed to meet the demand of each period.

The initial purpose of the pillows is not to rest our heads and help us fall asleep at night but to prevent insects or represent the noble condition of the user

Pillows in the Ancient days

Date back to around 9000 BC in ancient Mesopotamia when the oldest pillows were invented. The primary material made up antique pads usually included wood, stone, and undoubtedly these pillows were not as comfortable as they are now. However, the exciting thing is, ancient people make their pillow tough and hard on purpose.

An ancient Egyptian wooden pillow

The key reason for people to use pad then is to protect themselves from insects, prevent that insect from crawling into the head. Because the stone in Mesopotamia is quite expensive, the stone pillow was only accessible for wealthy people.

At the same time, in ancient Egypt, people believed that the head was the spiritual center of human bodies, and it must be cherished and protected. With that idea, pillows also carried a religious and sacred meaning.

Ancient Egyptian pads produced with various materials including stone, marble, ceramic, and wood and were carved with symbols of the gods to dismiss bad things.

A pillow from the Jīn dynasty

On the other hand, the Ancient Chinese citizens agreed that the pillow material has a powerful effect on the user’s health and intelligence. For that reason, pads in Ancient China were made  of bamboo, bronze, stone, wood, and decorated with images of animals, plants, or humans.

Pillows in the Modern days

The pads in Modern days inherit the useful and remarkable details of the old pad and develop the structure and function to make them suitable for the current demand. Generally, people’s preference now is soft types of the pillow, so the materials are also increasing in number and qualities.

Accordingly, there is a huge difference in the prices of pillows on the market now, and natural pillows are more expensive than the artificial pillow, which is maybe a good thing that people have choices to buy proper pillow they can afford.

Pillow for decoration

Pillows in Modern-day are not only used for sleeping but for embellishing your home, And pads designed for decoration purposes only are called “throw pillows”. There are many more functions of a pillow in the present. The evolution of the pad is not over yet: new materials and shapes arise constantly as time goes by.

Tips To Pick The Most Comfy And Functional Pillows For You

Choose According to Sleeping Position

Pillows and sleeping postures are also closely related. The pillow is suitable for sleeping posture will help you sleep better, avoid neck fatigue, back pain when you wake up.

Sleeping posture and suitable pillow

If you have a habit of sleeping on your back, you should choose a pillow that is not too high and has a depression in the middle. It will help the neck and spine not too different, help deepen your sleep and make the body comfortable when waking up the next morning.

And if you often lie on the side when sleeping should buy the type of pillow is a bit more bulging and a bit thicker. This pillow will help you have a stable position when sleeping.

Comfortable Material

According to experts, you should choose a pillow with good elasticity to support the neck vertebra, avoiding anesthesia.

Choose comfortable material

However, you should not choose overly soft  pillows because it will make your head easily sink into the center of the pillow, causing uneven blood circulation, leading to headaches, fatigue, difficulty sleeping.

In conclusion

The development of pillows throughout different time periods is quite interesting, isn’t it? After reading the article above, I hope you have learned some riveting background information about pillow.