What is a Bunkbed?

A bunk bed is a series of mattresses placed on top of each other to provide enough space in the room. This options can also be opted in by averaged-sized adult needing a good night rest without compromising space.

A bunk bed is often used in several household bedrooms to save space for multiple reasons, such as accommodating the children, as an added storage loft area and many more.

However, it is essential that, as a buyer, you are aware that bunk beds do not refer to the mattress but the frame construction only and may have to purchase the beds separately.

Why Pick a Bunkbed?

Bunk beds are designed to be a fantastic space saver, especially for parents with multiple children. Typically, the ideal age range for bunk beds is elementary years to teenage, and come with some body weight restriction.

Also, the bunk bed works great for people without children but looking to find a solution to guest bedding. This product is available in different incredible styles and storage options, providing either more floor or closet space.

Aside from that, bunk beds are cost-effective and help you save more compared to buying two separate mattresses. Besides, you can there are options to separate the bunk beds, which increases its versatility.

More importantly, bunk beds are not designed to hold both mattress and box spring combination; therefore, it is essential to consider your mattress choice. It helps reduces cost as there is no need for the extra item.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Bunkbed

Size Options:

A bunk bed is available in multiple sizes ranging from twin above full to twin above twin, which is the two favorites because of the functionality and versatility offered. The full-sized beds are the perfect choice for visiting adults or a growing child. Apart from that, it provides enough room for an extra sleeper if the need arises.

But occasionally, there are bunk beds with a queen size below, but you may not find a king bunk bed option. Some options even provide an extra trundle beneath the bottom bunk, which makes it possible to work with three, or even four people.


Bunk beds are popular and come with different material constructions, which includes wood frames and tubular steel. They also feature several designs and colors. However, the wooden bunk beds are long-lasting and more durable, but they are highly sought after because of their elegant looks. On the contrary, tubular steel is often preferred because of its affordable price and simple design, which solves many problems regarding saving space.


This option makes it easier to access the top part of the bunk bed. Usually, it is built into the bed bunk frame to act as a dual-purpose ladder or placed at the beds’ foot. Some designs make the ladder similar to the traditional up and down ladders, while some adopt a model that makes the ladder a bit curved for accommodating different sizes of bed.

However, for children or individual who may have troubles climbing up and down a ladder, it is advised to go designs that have stairs incorporated to the top bunk instead of the ladder.

Trundle Options

To make the product more versatile, some model may add a trundle bed and include an extra sleeping space. Although not everyone is interested in taking advantage of this option, leaving this space free can serve as a storage unit.

Irrespective of the choice you make, most bunk beds are often some inches above the ground and can still accommodate as a trundle bed later in the future should you change your mind.


Bunk bed is becoming popular as they provide extra room and worth your buck. People often take advantage of the under bed storage, stacked drawers and stairway drawers are extra places to store your belongings. This is an incredible benefit, especially if you have multiple children doubled up into a single room and need more space to keep their toys and clothing.

Top 8 Bunk Beds on the Market

Zinus Easy Assembly Quick Lock Metal Bunk Bed

This product works best for people looking to save more space. The bunk bed from a top brand, Zinus, is constructed using strong steel for rigid support. The bunk bed accommodates a twin – and a full-sized mattress, though the mattresses are sold separately.

Also, there is no need to purchase an extra box spring – thanks to its firm steel support. The Zinus bunk is designed not to sacrifice durability and safety price and comes with a 5-year worry-free warranty. Furthermore, it includes built-in 4-step ladders and comes with a compact and convenient packaging for easy shipping.

More so, the bunk bed features a faster-assembling process; thanks to its Quick Lock Easy Assembly buyers don’t need to worry about troubles setting the bunk bed. Equally important, it is not advised to allow children below the age of 6 sleep on the top bunk.


  • It is quick to assemble despite the many pieces needed to be put together
  • The 5-year warranty which covers any manufacturer’s defect
  • Save more space
  • Affordable
  • Firm steel construction
  • No need for box spring


  • The upper bunk, for safety reasons, is not meant for children below six years

DHP Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

This is a metal bunk bed from DHP, which have been known to put lots of effort in helping people have a satisfactory sleep experience. The product measures 62 inches high x 78 inches long x 42 inches wide, which makes a great have for your kids and their room. This bunk bed from DHP has a maximum weight restriction of 200 lbs and 450 lbs for the upper and lower bunks respectively.

The manufacturer has built this bed bunk to last and take several years of heavy and light usage. It works great either for nightly slumber or occasional guest bed. Available in silver, white and black finishes, whatever you choose will look great with your home décor.

Also, it provides more play space for the kids and fits into any space seamlessly. Coming with a sleek and 2-in-1 space-saving the product accommodates a twin mattress at the upper bunk and a full bed at the bottom bunk. Furthermore, it comes with a durable and sturdy metal frame and safely incorporated ladder, which provides extra support and comfort while sitting.


  • Affordable
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Available in different colors
  • Easy to assemble
  • Smart shipping
  • Save more space


  • Some customers claimed to have trouble assembling the bunk bed
  • Some clients said to have gotten a defective product.

Storkcraft Long Horn Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed

This is an ingenious bed bunk constructed by Stork Craft to be safer and meet both Canadian and United States safety requirement. It is made using high quality, environmentally-friendly solid rubberwood. The bed bunk features a full-sized slat to work with any mattress by providing the necessary support.

What’s more? the product can be separated easily into two set apart twin beds should the need arises. it poses no trouble when assembling the bunk bed; thanks to its fastening systems. Coming with a full-length guardrail to help keep kids sleeping at the upper bunk safe and a firm fastened four-step ladder for easy access to the top.

All-in-all, Storkcraft Long Horn Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed is available in different finishes so that buyers can get the best match with their home décor.


  • Can be converted into set apart bed
  • Easy to assemble
  • Wooden construction
  • Available in different finishing


  • Some customers claim the product does not work great when set apart
  • Come with a one-year warranty which is small compared to another model available.
  • It works best with mattress less than 8 inches.

Discovery World Furniture Twin Over Full Stair Stepper Bed with Trundle in White Finish

This product is stylish; thanks to its elegant finishing featuring a rich white lacquer, which makes it easier to blend into any modern home décor. The product has proven not only to be elegant but also sturdy and supportive.

The bunk bed is constructed using wood, which contributes to its fast assembling and support. Its upper bunk accommodates a twin-sized bed and the lower bunk for a full-sized mattress. Another added benefit is the trundle that makes the product more versatile and accommodating.

Also, the product comes along with mattress with high-quality and capable of providing the desired support and comfort. Besides, it passes the strict ASTM and CPSC requirements to ensure its safety.


  • Rich White Laquer Finish
  • Comes with a comfortable and supportive mattress
  • Meets all CPSC and ASTM requirements
  • Save space
  • Works well with 8-inch mattress and above
  • Wooden construction
  • Saves more space


  • Some users complained it broke after a while

Storkcraft Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed

This is another product from Storkcraft, combining exceptional quality and ageless design for any room size and home décor. The bunk bed is made using unparalleled solid rubberwood and full-length guardrails to keep your kids or sleeper safe.

Also, Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed has a unique fastening system, which makes assembling easier and can act as separately as two twin beds. It is intended to serve as a solution to infant, kids and teen sleeping solution. More so, the product is denser, more durable and sturdier than other bunk bed made with pine woods. Above all, it passes all CPSC and ASTM safety requirements.


  • Firm rubberwood construction
  • Solution to kid bedroom problem
  • Fine finishing for elegant looks
  • Passes CPSC and ASTM safety standards
  • Can be used as two set apart beds


  • Some users claim the bolt loses after few weeks

Walker Edison Solid Wood Twin Bunk Bed

This bunk bed is an ideal choice for individuals looking to create more space. Coming with a sturdy build construction and supportive slats to help you save more buck since no box spring is required — each bunk as a weight restriction of 250 pounds.

Also, the product is loved because of its versatility, as it is easily converted into two separate beds — no worries about assembling the bunk bed.


  • Save space
  • Configured into two separate beds
  • Weight limit of 250 pounds
  • Available in different colors
  • No need for box spring


  • Some users complain of a strong odor which took time to air out.

DONCO Bunk Bed Full over Full Trundle in Cappuccino

This bunk bed offers more as it comes with a trundle, which can come in handy and great for saving space. The product features a solid wood construction that makes it durable and sturdy to ensure kids have fun and beautiful experience.

The product from Donco has a slat roll foundation and mattress-ready, which means you don’t need to spend your buck on getting a Bunkie board. Also, the product passes both CSPC and ASTM safety standard.


  • Meet both ASTM and CSPC safety requirements
  • Trundle beds for a sleepover guest
  • Elegant design
  • Solid wood construction
  • No need for a Bunkie board


  • Difficulties in reaching out to the manufacturer
  • Some customer complained of a broken rail.

Bedz King Stairway Bunk Beds Twin over Twin with 3 Drawers in the Steps

This bunk bed by Bedz King is designed to help maximize your space. It is constructed to be a twin over twin bunk bed and easily configured into two separate beds.

The product has a built-in stairway rather than the big ladder. The stairs are incorporated with three built-in drawers for kids to store their toys, clothing etc.


  • Solid wood construction
  • Built-in stairways
  • Save more space with three built-in drawer
  • Can be converted to separate beds


  • Some users may experience difficulties when assembling.
  • Users may need to make some drillings